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How to Style Midi Dresses for Women According to Different Body Shapes?

How to Style Midi Dresses for Women According to Different Body Shapes?

We genuinely understand that highlighting your body shape, even if it may not be considered perfect by those around you, is one of the most difficult challenges when dressing up. In this guide, I'll help you identify your body type and provide some tips on how to style a midi dress perfectly. 



However, if you're looking for a quick solution to the question of how to style midi spring dresses for different body shapes, the answer is straightforward: midi dresses look great on everyone

But if you're interested in discovering more, keep with us! 



If you can understand your body shape and handle it well, your vibe will be further leveled up and, as a result, attract more people's attention.

But do you know how many body shapes there are and which pieces of clothes are suitable for you?

Everyone is unique; therefore, your body frame is different from the others, too. But, people usually categorize body shapes into four main groups: hourglass, rectangle, apple-shaped, and pear-shaped

In order to fit all kinds of body types, fashion designers create a wide range of tops, bottoms, and other pieces of clothing. However, as was discussed earlier, there is one category of dress that, when worn correctly, can make any body type seem absolutely stunning. It is a midi dress. Also, discover valuable insights on selecting the perfect midi summer dresses for different ages in our previous blog. Dive into the world of fashion and learn how to choose dresses that suit every stage of life.





What Midi Dress Shapes Show Off Curves Well For Women?



No matter what body shape you have, the best midi dresses that can show off your curves are the ones that can draw attention to your body and make you look good, even though other people consider your body measurements imperfect. 

Now, let's move to our key question: what types of midi dresses are the best to show off your curves?



For hourglass body:





+ Your hip and bust are well-balanced

+ Your waist measurement is smaller. 

Your proportions are incredibly perfect, so you only need to pay attention to pieces of clothes that can highlight your curves

Therefore, a linen wrap midi dress is a good choice, as it draws attention directly to your waist, where the wrap is tied. 

Also, try to avoid dresses with wide sleeves as they give a boxy look that highlights your upper and unbalances your body measurements. 


For pear shape body:




+ a narrower upper body 

+ and wider hips and bottom. 

When choosing a suitable midi dress for your body type, remember to pick out a dress that doesn't cling to your hips. 

Instead, you should choose an A-line or fit and flare midi dress, as they can balance your body measurements by skimming past your bottom. 

Wrap midi length dresses are another excellent option for your body, as the waist tie is ideal for defining your waist and, therefore, balancing your body.


For a straight-line frame body:


straight-line frame body MINIMALISTICLINEN


The lack of a curve makes your body straight and with little to no definitions. However, the upper and bottom halves of the rectangle body are well-proportioned, resulting in a balanced shape. 

Therefore, you should choose midi dresses that can define your waist. 

You can choose an X-line midi dress to balance your shoulders and hips as well as to highlight your waist. 

You can also choose a wrapped midi or empire midi dress to define your waist measurement better. 



Which Dress Styles Suit Tall Women in Mid-Length Dresses?


You may believe that you can wear any outfit just because you are tall. Surprisingly, this is not always the case. Floor-length dresses can totally swallow you, which is not the look we're looking for.


Instead, let's take a look at knee-length dresses! The longer cut of a midi dress is ideal for highlighting your gorgeous legs. 

You surely appreciate the attention that shift midi dresses can attract with their height-boosting effect. And, if you want to look shorter to balance your height and your partner, you can try pairing the lovely midi dress with flats or sneakers rather than heels. 


Another fantastic choice is shirt dresses, which hit just above the knee. The wide sleeves and open resort-style collar offer an elegant vibe, while the mid-length can enhance your height and make you much more attractive.


Besides, you can also choose a tunic dress. It is casual while remaining fashionable at the same time. Also, it frequently has a loose fit, providing a relaxing feeling and adding charm to your entire appearance.


Moreover, never forget that dresses are more attractive when the waistline is defined in some way to manage the flow and balance. If your dress doesn't have a waistline, you can pair it with a belt. 



How to Choose The Perfect Midi Dress Fit for Shorter Heights Women


Midi dresses are the perfect length for any woman. Therefore, knee dresses are still meant for you even when you are short in height.

However, remember to pay attention to the length of your dress to get the perfect look. For shorter ladies, you should seek a midi dress that stops above the calf; this will help to enhance your legs and make you appear taller rather than drowning your shape.

No matter what your body shape is, you will love the beauty and elegance that an empire midi dress can bring to you. That's because empire waist dresses have a high waistline just below the bust. They can "lengthen" your legs and make you look taller. Moreover, empire dresses draw attention to the narrowest part of the body. As a result, it defines your curve directly and makes you more charming.


Also, you can choose ones focusing on your shoulders. It's because they can help attract people's attention to your upper body part and distract people against your short legs, therefore lengthening your whole body and keeping your look more balanced.


How Can Apple-Shaped Women Highlight Their Good Points in Midi Dresses?


Apple-Shaped body minimalisticlinen


Another popular body shape is apple-shaped. 

Do you remember how we described what a pear-shaped person looks like in the first part of this blog? 

An apple-shaped body is opposite from a pear-shaped one. 

That means your body fat tends to store around your middle and often above your waist instead of around your hips and bottom. 

So, what types of midi dresses are ideal for apple-shaped people?

A first tip: remember to avoid body dresses; instead, you should choose A line dress. They softly flare out from the waist, balancing your body and providing you with a more comfortable fit around the middle. Plus, A-line midi dresses also draw people's eyes to your legs, allowing you to show off your thinner bottom half.

Another tip is to focus on defining your waist to balance your body measurements immediately. Therefore, you should choose wrap or belted dresses. They may offer the illusion of a smaller waist while emphasizing your natural curve.


Styling Midi Dresses for Athletic Body Types: Adding Curves and Feminine Silhouettes


So, the first question is: What are athletic body types?

Athletic ladies are slim and sexy but lack defined waists. Their bodies feature broad shoulders, straight hips, and muscular build.

That's why the crucial rule you must always follow if you have an athletic body shape is to define the curve and emphasize your femininity.

Hence, any midi dresses that can draw attention to your waist are ideal choices for you. Let me suggest some: wrap or empire dresses are good, but you can pair them with a belt if your lovely dress doesn't have a waistline.

Scoop neck midi dress or v neck midi dress are other good options. They are helpful in making your shoulder narrower, therefore assuring good body balance.



Comfortable and Stylish Midi Dress Options for Pregnancy



Pregnancy is a lovely and transformational moment in a woman's life, and feeling comfortable and elegant is crucial.

Hence, midi dresses are a fantastic choice for pregnant moms since they enable you to be comfortable while still maintaining your fashion vibe. 

However, midi dresses can also be tight and unsuitable for your growing belly. 

So, let us show you which type of midi dresses are perfect for pregnancy.

Our first suggestion: midi A-line dresses. As they softly flare out from the waist, balancing your body and offering a more comfortable fit around your waist. They also draw attention to your legs, allowing you to show off your slimmer bottom.

You may also love our V neck dresses or shoulder-patterned dresses. They help lengthen your upper body and draw attention away from your stomach, thus offering you a more slimmer feeling. 


And here is the IMPORTANT note: remember to choose a breathable, comfortable fabric like linen. It will keep you and your baby much more comfortable!



How to Choose the Right Body Shape-Friendly Footwear for Midi Dresses


Women often struggle with styling the right shoes with their dresses. 

We deeply understand that, and now we're here to help you find the best shoes for your midi dress. 



Ankle Boots for Different Body Shapes: A Midi Dress Essential

Ankle boots with a midi dress are ideal for your fashionable style. These two timeless wardrobe staples offer you an effortlessly stylish look, whatever your body type is. Here are some reasons why you should adore this lovely combination:

  • Hourglass Body: A black pair of ankle boots will make you look taller and naturally elongate your body in a way that emphasizes your curves. Matching with a short length of a midi dress, they're more helpful.
  • Apple-shaped: Ankle boots might help you achieve a more balanced image. You should pair your midi dress with a heavy or sturdy pair of ankle boots to draw attention away from your shoulders and show off more of your legs.



The Perfect Body Shape-Friendly Mules to Rock Your Midi Dresses

Mules are versatile and stylish footwear that can go well with various body shapes when paired with midi dresses. Let us show you how:

  • Hourglass Body: You should choose pointy-toe mules with a medium height if you've got an hourglass body to balance your bust and hip well. A classic pointed-toe mule is a good pairing with your midi dress. 
  • Rectangle-shaped Body: Mules with a pointed toe and a stiletto heel are excellent choices for rectangle-shaped women. Matching them with a midi dress, they'll help to define your curve better.



Heels and Midi Dresses: Best Choices for Different Women's Body Types


Pairing heels with midi dresses can be a great way to enhance your overall look. Below are some suggestions to match heels with midi dresses for any body type:

  • Hourglass BodyPointed-toes or almond-toe heels are nice choices for this body shape since they lengthen your leg line and define your curve better. 
  • Rectangle-shaped: Stiletto heels with a pointed toe are ideal choices for rectangular body shapes. Since they lengthen your legs and make your body look slimmer, they're useful in flattering your rectangle-shaped figure.
  • Pear-shaped: Women with pear-shaped bodies will have a lengthier distance between their waist and hip, causing their legs to look shorter. That's why a pair of high heels is great for you to lengthen your legs. But, one tip is remembering to choose neutral colors (nude and black will work best), as they will make your lower body appear slimmer and won't draw too much attention to your short legs.



Sneakers Styling Guide for Midi Dresses and Different Women's Body Shapes


Sneakers and midi dresses are too popular combinations. But do you know how to use proper sneakers for your body shape?

  • Rectangle-shaped: A rectangle-shaped woman is slim with little waist definition. That's why you should wear midi dresses with light sneakers instead of bulky ones to highlight your femininity. Hence, we suggest that Converse and Superga, instead of Fila, balance your body.
  • Hourglass body: You have a great proportion already! That's why you only need to make your outfit more colorful and attractive to highlight your natural curve. Hence,  bulky and pattern or color sneakers are good choices for you.



Body Shape-Friendly Sandals to Complement Your Midi Dresses


When choosing sandals, you should pay attention to the features of footwear that are suitable for each body type I mentioned before. They follow the same rules:

  • Hourglass Body: Shoes with pointed or almond toes with wide hems are ideal for you as they can lengthen your legs. Moreover, you can also choose a sandal with a closed-in toe to pair with your favorite midi dress for warmer days.  
  • Rectangle-shaped: Round or oval-toed shoes are much better than square shoes as they help to add more curves to your body. Hence, some suggestions you can consider are ballerinas or flat sandals.
  • Pear-shaped: Pointed-toed sandals are a fantastic choice for pear-shaped bodies since they stretch your legs and make them appear thinner. Also, you can consider square-toed shoes.
  • Apple-shaped: Strappy sandals and ballet flats, especially those with rounded toes, are nice options for apple-shaped women. They're helpful in drawing eyes downwards, making your body look more balanced. 


Choosing the Right Midi Dress Fabric for Comfort


linen fabrics minimalisticlinen



Linen has always been known as the best fabric for any piece of clothing and has been stapled with women's wardrobes for many decades.

But why is linen perfect for midi dresses?

That's thanks to its breathability and quick moisture-wicking process: It allows air to flow freely through the fabric, therefore absorbing and releasing moisture quickly and making it a tremendous moisture-wicking material.

Next is about its durability: Linen is a highly durable fabric that can endure many regular washing times. Besides, it's still in good condition under the machine washing. That's why linen is easy to care for and is worth investing in.

Another reason is linen's incredible comfort: as linen is soft, lightweight, and never sticks to your skin, wearing a linen midi dress will offer a relaxed fit and make you move like dancing.